02.03.2014. GAF IV-The fourth Carnival in Garešnica
This year's (fourth) Carnival lasted two days and for the first time, on Saturday, 01. March, there was also a carnival for children organized at the disco bar Joco...
29.11.2013. New Advent wreath
On the Square of Croatian defenders is placed new Advent wreath and christmas tree. Christmas tree is a gift from the Panić family on which we are grateful.
26.11.2013. 3rd HI-FI Fest
In a pleasant and for this opportunity specially furnished room of "UNCA" and "Cvijet" Association was successfully held third Hi-fi fest and hanging out of audiophiles of Garešnica on Saturday, 23rd of November 2013.
29.10.2013. Make-up workshop
Make-up workshop held on 29th of October 2013 was very well attended. It was organized by "Đuro Sudeta" Croatian Library in Garešnica.
01.10.2013. 6th Garešnica Fair
At the town market on the 28th and 29th of September 2013 was held 6th Garešnica Fair, a traditional gathering of family farms and other interested exhibitors from the City of Garešnica, Bjelovarsko-Bilogorska County and various parts of Croatia.


It is a unique cultural event, dedicated to folk theater, which brings together amateur societies of Croatian minority communities in neighboring countries