Church of St. Martin/Footprint of St. Martin

Trnovitica was first mentioned in the 12th century as a possession of the estate ban Belus, who was the Ban of 1142. until 1157. years, or with interruptions until 1163. year. Ban appreciated pavlin monastery of  St. Marija in  Goric, in which the brothers worked hermits among St. Paul, the first hermit of the monastery St. Marija on Goric hills. As the monks from the monastery served the hermit St. Martin, who has lived in Zagreb forest, perhaps they are also the founders of the church St. Martin's in the Trnovitica.

It is assumed that the church was built around 1108. year. Pavlins of Trnovitica are also mentioned in the Memorial of Trnovitica shire. In the 13th  century Trnovitica was called Komor,by  nobles of the Komor. The canonical visitation mentions the church of  St. Martin’s in Komor. Year 1334. called "Ecclesia Sancti Martini de Twviski"-Twviski is the older form of the Hungarian press (print), Trnje. In the year of 1501. the place is mentioned under the same name, only that instead of the addition of "de Twviski" standing "in Spinis" and then again in Trnje.

Perhaps in this appendix lies the genesis of today's names Trnovitica. The district was quite wooded, and where the forest, there is a thorn. Till Turkish incursions into this area Trnovitica was the seat of the parish, which was mentioned by the 1112th year. Turks are there left havoc-free village and residents nearly 150 years.

The 1737th the parish seat was transferred from the Stara Ploscica to the Velika Trnovitica. Medieval Baroque parish church of St. Martin is equipped with valuable baroque altar of St. Martin from the 1746th year. To the left of the altar of St. Antun is baroque pulpit, and the top cover is plastic St. Mihael. Visitor Antun Millos describes in detail the church 1765th year and from this description we learn that the church already had its present form. Rectory is located opposite the parish church of St. Martin in the Velika Trnovitica. It is a two-storey building was built in 1837,during the pastorate of Mihael Kramaric(1831-1853).

Footprint of St. Martin

The footprint of  Saint Martin, is set during the celebration of the ninth centenary of the parish of St. Martin in the Velika Trnovitica. At the entrance to the church can be seen cast footprint. The locals are very proud because the Velika Trnovitica included in the ticket worshipers of St. Martin, and consequently on the tourist map.