Church PBDM in Garešnica

Construction of the current church began in 1750 and it was completed in 1753.  According to legend, the church was made of material from the city that was destroyed. It was called Dijanovec (Dejanovac). The parishioners used to built the church with great sacrifice. They used to bring constructing materials from demolished town 'from hand to hand'. They set themselves at the distance of reach , standing one to another,  passing stone by stone and other materials and putting them at the place of construction. The reason for this may be that the Dijanovac was situated in marshland where carriage probably could not pass.

Church of the Visitation of Blessed Lady mentioned in Lukavac (Lokawecz) - Garešnica today, in 1334  and 1501. Also in 1334 it was also mentioned as Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is  later at the 1466 Church of St. Mary. The village was situated on the tricky fleet and it adjoined with the qual property on the other side of the fleet Leskovac which was entering at the fleet Garić . It seems that it was the forerunner of today's church . It was destroyed when Turks arrived in this region , such as there were destroyed almost all the churches , especially after the downfall of Garic and migration of the population.

Considwring that part of the inventory of the 18th century was preserved, in 1962. church was rgistered as a historic monument in the borough Garešnica and  in 1964. it was protected by the Croatian Conservation Institute.