Garić City

Garic-town existed from 12 century. It was the center of the old garic parish, and during its existence is often changed owners, among which were: bishops of  the Zagreb-town, ban Pavao  Pakrački  I, the queen Barbara of the Celje and aristocrat Ivan Hunjady (Sibinjanin Janko). In the mid 16th century the Ottomans fell swoop, Garic-town was burned and left to decay - until the early 20th century when it was discovered and described by  Gjuro Szabo (the founder of the conservation service in Croatia).

At Garic-town conducted archaeological research,during which he found numerous and varied archaeological material (in the permanent MMK). They are very attractive (and culturally valuable) decorative elements tile stoves - stoves, which are assumed to belong to the reign of Sigismund of Luxemburg.