3rd HI-FI Fest

In a pleasant and for this opportunity specially furnished room of "UNCA" and "Cvijet" Association was successfully held third Hi-fi fest and hanging out of audiophiles of Garešnica on Saturday, 23rd of November 2013.

During the day, this event attracted dozens of audiophiles and lovers of good sound or equipment from several counties. Representatives from Robertoshop from Pakrac held a presentation of reproduction of good and high quality sound and equipment.

Event was visited by City Mayor Velimir Žunac who expressed support for such events in the city, commend the work of the "UNCA", and through discussions with members of "UNCA" was familiar of the efforts and plans of this association.

Hi-fi fest in Garešnica has become a tradition which will continue as well as new events announced by the members of "UNCA".